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John with long hair
John with long hair

The appreciation of music is a very personal thing.
Lots of people say they like my playlists so here there are.

I like reggae, female vocals, strong basslines, slightly trippy, jazzy.

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Quite a lot of African music which reflects the heat and laidback feel of summer.


The Almond harvest and Grape picking require some groovy tunes.


I supposedly hate Christmas but it is good to have a playlist to accompany a meal in late December.

WINTER 2017 / 2018
I discovered that French girls singing is heavenly.  Check out Stacy Kent, Sant Privat et al

I kept playing  I’m not Sorry by Morrissey ad infinitum.

Summer 2018
There is a lot of good Latin  stuff in this one.

September  2018

December  2018

Driving 4
An mp3 CD that I left in the top house that people like a lot.

Spring 2019

July 2019

Summer 2019

September 2019

Olive Harvest 2019