A new years’s message from nobody 2020

This is my message for 2020. It is from me a nobody. I am nobody but I do represent a lot of people. This message has been written off the top of my head and I did not use google or internet to help me. What is on internet is probably a lot of lies so If I was not sure I just made it up.

Sparkler in the sea

My new year’s resolution for 2020 is don’t read anything about Brexit, British politics or any political Facebook feeds. Don’t engage in any polemic subject especially with British people. It is all just too depressing. We are in the post truth age where everything is too confusing to be meaningful. Having an opinion about anything is a waste of time. Nobody cares about truth or objectivity. 2 plus 2 can be any number you like. Believing in delusional fantasy used to be mainly confined to religion, quack medicine and believing the answer to the question Does my bum look big in this? The complexity and unknowableness of everything has permeated everything. Cause has been uncoupled from effect. “I think therefore I am” has been transformed into “don’t bother thinking much, anything can be anything”.

Things are no better in the United States. They have published the guide to putting down the arguments of your snowflake lefty liberal relatives to be used during Christmas gatherings. Just spout a lot of ridiculous facts and figures which are gross exaggerations, outright lies and half truths. Who can be bothered to check up? Even if you could be bothered where would you look? Which of the news is fake news? How do we know what is true or false? Does anyone even care what is true or not? It is so liberating when facts are detached from reality we can blame who we like for any problem. Just make up lies on the fly, nobody cares.

I have long suspected that human beings are “not very nice”. From my own experience in life about 5% of people are so awful that most people would breathe a sigh of relief if they ceased to exist. Many people could be described as (I was persuaded by my wife not to use swear words so as not to alienate my readership so I have softened the swearing) Absolute “C” words – “F” wording “B” words – “D” heads – “W” worders –
Nincompoops – Bounders – Rotters – Ne’er do wells – Scallywags – etc. Few of us are perfect and over the last few years even Saints may have embarrassing pasts involving choirboys. This is the reality that we will have to endure in 2020.

So what can we do? In 2020 how can we not become completely disillusioned living amongst horrible halfwits and scumbags? Remember that we are not allowed to consider people as morons even though they patently are. Looking down on people because they are racist, homophobes or simpletons too easily influenced by lies is taboo. That would be condescending we must respect the right of other people to be wrong. Logic and reasoning are not the only ways of forming an opinion. We must also allow emotions and feelings to influence our judgments. In the words of someone from Monty Python. “I meet a lot of people and I’m convinced that the vast majority of wrong thinking people are right” .

The only way I can think of staying sane in 2020 is to focus on small victories and self delusion. Imagine that the ills of the world are not created by humans. Imagine that global heating has been created by an asteroid which has landed in the sea and is slowly pushing the world into oblivion. Just accept that global heating will cause better weather in some parts of the world and focus on the advantages. By pretending that nobody is to blame you can solve the problem of being angry at the human race for causing its own destruction. You can still do recycling, drive a Toyota Prius, like Extinction Rebellion on Facebook and use low wattage light bulbs if it makes you feel good.

Just live your life and don’t think about politics. Most of us live in democracies but there is not much point in thinking about politics because most of what politicians say are just lies. Imagine trying to choose a holiday destination when all the information you have is lies. It is like buying a counterfeit watch from a street seller at the beach. You deliberate between a Rolex and a Vacheron for a long time but there is no point because it is fairly certain that after 3 weeks the hands of the watch will drop off.

Am I being too negative? Too depressing? Well yes I am. It does not have to be “The unbearable awfulness of being” It is still a wonderful world. 60% of us are “C” words but there is a good chance that you can spend some time in the company of the top 10% of people who are intelligent, kind, unselfish fair people with love in their hearts. If not get a dog. Learn from the dog. Realize that the only important thing in life is running after sticks. If there are enough sticks to run after and enough walks to go on and you have a place to sleep there is no point in worrying about anything.

By the way: If you are right wing and have been offended by the content of this article you can read this article and add some lies about Muslims in the comments section.

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