Why did people vote for Brexit?


I am British and have benefited from being in the EU because I have been able to live in Spain for the last 30 years.  I hate the grey British weather and having blue skies almost every day makes me happy.  I don’t spend a lot of time  with many British people so I have never understood why anyone would want to vote for Brexit.  It seems illogical to me.  To get more information I have visited  some pro Brexit websites and harvested  the following pieces of text which give reasons.

It seems that the main reasons are too much immigration, immigrants undercutting wages and people having money problems which are blamed on the EU.  The EU is deemed to be unfair and does not offer value for money.

Here are the statements:
Note: I have copied the quotes as is and have not corrected spelling mistakes etc. I did not use any editorial control I just copied the first ones I found.

Our country is being ruined by too much immigration.

The NHS wouldn’t need the extra staff if the Immigrants were not scrounging on it.

I want an appointment to see a doctor, it takes 3 weeks to see one. It used to be 1 or 2 days,

We are being trampled on.

Why did they vote for Brexit?

The amount of foreigners using the NHS is on the increase year in year out while we remain in the EU.

What about the 4 Billion on migrant benefits??

Apprenticeships along with training in most trades and industry went out of the window when we joined the EEC/EU. All part of the plan to wind Britain down into one of the United States of Europe and flood it with immigrant low paid workers.

Dump the Frump – Chuck Chequers – Leave with no deal

We need to get out NOW..

I read yesterday that a third of the world’s population is in the Commonwealth group of nations! Let’s leave and trade with them!

Keep our fishing grounds

Let’s invest in the British people!


Out with May in with Tommy Robinson let’s get the *ucking ball moving…

The eu is sinking and without us it will implode.

Get us out of the EU and with No Deal we need the £39 billion for our people.

They need us far more than we need them. Soon come knocking on the door when they realise they messed up when other members start leaving too.

At the end of the day we need someone that will stand up to the non elected EU.

This Irish backstop why can’t we keep it the way it is with no hard boarder! Switzerland is surrounded by EU member countries and not one has a hard boarder.

Can’t the fools see were full up NHS is at breaking point hospitals full wait weeks for doctors appointment schools full roads jammed having to build on our green belt to house all these people we are full can’t the idiot MPs see it

If they come to work that aint a problem.. We just don’t need benefit scroungers ..think of our pensioners first

That’s the trouble with this country, stepping over British citizens to welcome everybody and anybody in without any thought.

We have too many here and our infrastructure cannot cope. And I am fed up with this lala attitude..

If foreigners come to work here we don’t want thousands of relatives coming as well.

Self employed East Europeans are undercutting self employed British workers on contract prices by sleeping in dormitories in multi occupancy accommodation which reduces living costs . The minimum wage does not apply to the self employed .

I have friends who have been out of work for several year and have qualification,they have even applied for shop or office work in fact any job that will bring a bit of money into the house but it appears immigrants are given the jobs first but then our law states that employers have to take a percentage of immigrants but it looks to be like that percentage is higher than it should be.

when was the last time we got to see the doctor without a 2 week wait?

I only got about £35 year until in 2013 when my husband died, Then I lost that and got his Pittance of a pension , and yet people from out side this country come hear and get all the benefits are much better off than the likes of me when my father and grandfather and husband have payed into this country for donkeys yrs

I worked many years part-time and years full-time so I get my full pension. That is what makes me so cross because we have immigrants in this country from years ago who have never worked, particularly the women but they get the pension.

The EU low skilled have found that work for a year and you entitled to full benefits, especially if you are a woman expecting.

Importing cheap labour only indulges our people’s desire to not work, and that doesn’t produce a stable or healthy society

where I live there is a large Romanian Population They use gardens for toilets, litter the streets with rubbish & steal anything they can get their hands on including charity tins We certainly don’t need them in our country

when my children were young, so had to try part time work as i had no one to care for them once out of school. I got no widows pension no help at all,. and now retired get sod all to live on. That,s why i voted to leave the EU knowing there pensioners get a lot more then we do..

two week wait for the doctors that’s good it takes me 4 weeks to get in.

Will all those people who seem determined for us to stay in Europe kindly pack their bags and f**k off across the channel. If nothing else I might then be able to park the car wherever I please.

this is exactly what millions of people voted for. Leave, no deal just leave and keep our £39 billion in our country !!!

I knew exactly what I was voting for to get shut of that lot of dictators and get my country back I didn’t vote to be richer or poorer I voted OUT SIMPLE

if they want to treat us like dirt then we just walk and spend the 39 billion on a big party

If we bought more cars that are made in the UK, our Pensions would be a lot better than £155/ week.

The UK state pension is actually the lowest state pension paid by any country in the developed world.

Let’s get out and bring back British values of loyalty and a sense of community!

Too many foreigners in this country who will not assimilate and cant even speak the language.

French want our fish, Spanish want the rock and Germany wants it all.

Walk away,take our money off the table and watch them come running.

The ONLY way to protect the UK from the vindictive EU is to leave on WTO terms

So the Oceans are dying? , certainly our stocks are going down because of overfishing by EU countries. We should set our own quotas

Anyone ever think that we must be paying far too much tax if they can afford to give the eu 350million a week freely of our taxes that i thought were collected to look after our own services in Britain? Our own people in britain and our hungry and homeless in britain? Not forgetting OUR tax money to foreign aid?

whilst countries like Poland have received millions every year from the EU to improve their infrastructure, railways, schools and health service etc… the UK’s own social care and health service has declined and now suffers from inadequate investment.

In recent years, hundreds of thousands of Eastern Europeans have come to Britain to do a job.

My Comment
I would be very sad to see Britain leave the EU.  In my own personal situation I could get Spanish nationality because I have been a tax paying resident for many years. It seems that the main reason for voting Brexit was immigration.  The current situation  in Britain as well as Spain immigrants have to either support themselves economically or go home.  Immigrants are paying taxes and are not scroungers because they are performing valuable services in the economy.  However,  maybe the British are disgruntled because the  immigrants are willing to work for low pay and conditions, this may be good for business but it may lead to resentment from the lower paid sections of society who may feel they are being undercut.

I am an immigrant myself. In 30 years I have almost never suffered from racism in Spain.   It is my opinion that a  large amount of humans are naturally xenophobic.  It seems to me that Brexit is a reaction to immigration.